Samaria gorge

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- Gorge crossing only by foot. There are not any roads in or along the sides.
- Climbing skills not needed.
- In the gorge distance plus getting in and out distance, total on foot 16km (10mi). People usually tell that is 18km (11mi) of the long time that rough terrain takes for crossing out.
- Total time for walk plus rest times is approximately 6-7 hours.

- Wear shoes with hard and non-skid soles. That is imperative due to the specific terrain.
- Very hot between 20 of July until 5 of September, with peak at mid August, a straw hat is recommended (better than a cotton or nylon one here).
Sun glasses are recommended for the light is very bright along the day.
Sunscreens as light fabrics and creams (not oils) of high protection grade are highly recommended for any uncovered part of the body. Be careful not only of the direct sunlight but even the indirect one (i.e. shaded parts of the face).
If you plan to swim at Aghia Roumeli have your towel with you.
- There are many water supply points along the route. Just have a bottle to refill.
- There are restaurants at both ends of the gorge but it is good to also have a snack with you (long walk time).
- For having the full experience of what you see and what you are crossing by study a guide before getting there, it worths every minute of such preparation. While there prefer to stop and watch than walking and watching around at the same time due to the roughness of the ground. The interests are many, about history, geology, flora and fauna, all of these in this gorge.

- Entry point: Xyloskalo at Omalos plateau 1227m (3950ft). Exit point: at sea level Aghia Roumeli.
- There is public transportation to Xyloskalo.
- Transportation back from Aghia Roumeli, only by sea. For same day return you have to catch ferry until the one that departs at 5:30pm (check for current information when planning). Ferries connect Aghia Roumeli to Chora Sfakion (the most preferable connection for Chania or Rethymno), and Aghia Roumeli to Sougia.
- You can also cross the gorge in reverse order, but it is not recommended to average walkers for an all the way up hiking.

- Entrance to the gorge is permitted between the months of May and October, though the exact period is determined by prevailing weather conditions, from 6.00 am to 4.00 pm.
The year visits are between 130,000 to 250,000. That peaked to 300,000 at the years 1990 through 1994. The normal day visits average between 500-1500 at high in season July-August-September and low in October.

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Samaria Gorge
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Sfakia region Samaria gorge


Samaria: Descent to the sea
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Samaria gorge: descent to the Southern sea in Crete. About 1150 m altitude downwards. Sestup souteskou Samaria k jiznimu mori Krety. Dolu cca 1150 vyskovych metru.


Samaria Gorge
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Samarià Gorge - Crete - Greece


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18 Km lang vandretur


Samaria Gorge in Crete
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2 minutes 19 seconds of the famous Samaria Gorge in Crete. At 18km, the longest gorge walk in Europe. Filmed on the 9th August 2006. ... all » Features rare Agrimi (Kri Kri) Goats, vultures and loads of fantastic scenery. Soundtrack 'Lasithiotikis Melodies' by Dermitzoyannis & Baritantonakis 1940-1960.


Journey through Samaria
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Walking through the samarian Gorge in crete


Samaria Gorge Walk, May 2007
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We caught the bus from Chania bus station to Omalos, walked the gorge to Agia Roumelli, took the boat to Horia Skafion and the bus back to Chania. You can also do the trip from Rethymno